Tuesday, February 16, 2010

3 minutes & time is up!
16th Feb 2010, First impression is critical.  Whether you are meeting a girl, a man, a group of people for whatever reason - the first 3 minutes is crucial for you.  It gives the other party an opportunity to judge you.  Probably you heard about a phrase saying 'Love at First Sight'.
Similarly in making sales speech or presentation, in the first 3 minutes you  must convince your customers.  Make sure you address the hot issues, show the benefits of using your products and  assure them you know what you doing.  In short, within the first 3 - 5 slides you must convinced the customers.
I came across many presentations with a lot of slides and the presentors do not get to what he or she trying to propose until after 10 slides.  The slides are too technical and too much words.  I guess the presentors also confused.
When you are given an opportunity, you only have 3 minutes to score goal.

Dr Izhar


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