Sunday, March 21, 2010


21st Mar 2010, Kuala Lumpur. Closing sales require team effort. A team tend to provide a better results with sources of information derives from various perspectives.
For example, in a soccer match, to score a goal individually is an uphill tasks. You have to dribble the ball to pass several opponent defenders. However with a team, you need a little effort by individual players and collectively it provide you with a greater chance to score the winning goal!

Similarly, in closing sales you need to form a team which could be coming from your side or from customer side. Once the team is formed, it need a concerted effort not free for all initiatives. A team leader will play a role of ochestrating the game move to final get the contract.
Be a team player!

Dr Izhar

Friday, March 05, 2010

Open Space

4th March 2010, Hannover, Germany.  I would like to share with you some images from Cebit 2010 this year which is currently on going until 6th March.  I noticed most of the companies are displaying the products and services using Open Space concept.

Such concept makes the booth welcoming and bigger.  It gives visitors easy access to the booth and demonstrates the spirit of togetherness between exhibitors.  The clean concept is very lively.  Most booths will add refreshments and goodies for visitors.

Dr Izhar

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Beat Your Customer Expectation!

3rd March 2010, Hannover, Germany.  When you are seeing customers and selling your products and services, you will notice customers' expectation.  The customers might expect you to deliver certain product or services standard for a certain price and duration.  These are expected out of you before they pay you. 

To be able to deliver what customers are expecting is just AVERAGE, because that is what you should do!  However to be able to deliver something better than the expected, that is EXCELLENCE! If you can do that, you might get many repeat orders from the same customers.

How can you deliver EXCELLENCE products and services?  Well, be innovatived and creatived about your solution to customers.  For example, give them progress reports eventhough they never ask for it.  Finish the job earlier and cheaper.  Always in touch with customers.

Always looks for opportunity in your SELLING process or DELIVERY of solutions to customers.  Many sales people can do it, why not YOU!

Dr Izhar

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Travel Info via Internet

2nd March 2010, Hannover, Germany.  INTERNET has changed the world.  The world is getting smaller with easy access of information.  World information is doubling in less than 3 years and its getting quicker.

To travel for your business or personal trips is getting easier.  I am using Internet for most of my activities such as booking airline ticket, hotel, car rental, locaing street map, etc.

Perhaps I would like to suggest you to look at and for your travel needs.  Its handy, easy and having big coverages with options.  For budget airlines especially in Asia, please refer to

Dr Izhar

Monday, March 01, 2010

Never Assume!

28th Feb 2010, Hannover, Germany - Most people take things for granted.  We simply assume things will fall in place automatically.  We assume customers will buy our products or sevices everytime we propose. We also assume customers always have money to pay, and pay it on time.  However you notice that in real world things do not works s you assume.

I would like to share an occasion that happened to me few days ago.  I am supposed to begin travel to Germany via Dubai last Friday.  On eof my partner is also supposed to travel with me.  Due to my busy schedule last week, I just asked him what is the arrangement for the flight.  He firmly said 2.10pm on Friday afternoon.  I did ask him few times over last week and the answer remain the same.

On early Friday morning, around 12.45am, I was packing my luggage and read my email.  When I open up my e-ticket attachment, I saw the time stated is 0210.  What does it meant?  Ooops! it does not seem to be right.  I was packing and at the same time I am supposed to be boarding the plane right now.

What an expensive price that we have to pay for simply making assumptions. To cust short the story, we missed the flight.  We scrambled look for another flight and finally we reached Germany 2 days later.

Please check yourself .. are you making any assumption whithout facts?

Dr Izhar

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

HEALTHY Sales Person

23th Feb 2010.  Being a sales person you are bound to face with many challenges.  Cold calls, rejections, upset customers etc are among others.  These events build up your stress very fast.

A sick sales person will not be able to pass the sales excitement from him or her to customers.  How would you expect that you will close sales? get purchase order?

A sales person must not ignore his or her health.  A healthy sales person is critical as a starting point in the sales cycle.  Make an effort to understand some basic health matters.  You can learn from your doctor!  What is your ideal weight?  How much time do I have to exercise weekly? When should I go for medical check-up?

Make a point to understand you diet.  A good advise from dietician would be helpful.  Make an effort to understand this food pyramid.
Food Pyramid (not sure, ask your doctor)

Please don't use excuses such as busy or simply don't know.  Make an effort and create time.  Perhaps this picture will inspire you :)

Dr Izhar

Friday, February 19, 2010

YES Signal!

19th Feb 2010.  Today I had an opportunity to present my product to a group of engineers and IT professionals.  As usual I make sure that I arrived earlier than scheduled simply to get things ready.

Due to diversity of backgrounds and interests of customers, I realised that I have to put a strategy on how to tackle them individually or a smaller group while making the presentation.

What I am looking is a body language or a 'smiley face' agreeing to my points that I put forward to them.  My eyes scan the customers and once I detected he or she has agreed then I start to focus on the others.  My objective to get all if not most of them to agree or buy in to my presentation.  Mid way of the session I have got most of them agreed and like what I am telling them.

I also have managed to get the key decision maker person to move his seating position voluntarily near to me due to his high interest in the product.  The product could resolve his current hot issues.

During presentation, make sure use your radar to scan the audience.  Objetive is to receive YES SIGNAL from them.  Strategy is to tackle them individually until they broadcast YES SIGNAL.  Good Luck!

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