Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Have you set up your SALE INFOSTRUCTURE?

17th Feb 2010.  Wow! what is that (SALE INFOSTRUCTURE)? Some of you have not heard before.

Lets phrase it in a simpler way....Have you ever think or use electronic way especially with the advance of internet to sell you products and services?  Most of us have use email.  Some of us are beginning to use Social Network such as Facebook, Twitter etc. Some of us also has BLOG for various reasons.

You just imagine SALE INFOSTRUCTURE is just SALE HIGHWAY.  It easy to understand.  With the highway, you can move faster.
Well, lets capitalise these Infostructure to market and sell our products and services.  You will be surprised that you dont have to pay even a cent and you can reach customers from all over the world.  The best part of it, you never imagine that you can do that. 
Eventhough I just launched this BLOG, I have readers from Canada, USA, Australia and many other countries in just few days.  If I can do it, you also can do it too.

As I said earlier, it does not cost me anything, its FOC (Free of Charge) :)

Dr Izhar


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