Wednesday, February 24, 2010

HEALTHY Sales Person

23th Feb 2010.  Being a sales person you are bound to face with many challenges.  Cold calls, rejections, upset customers etc are among others.  These events build up your stress very fast.

A sick sales person will not be able to pass the sales excitement from him or her to customers.  How would you expect that you will close sales? get purchase order?

A sales person must not ignore his or her health.  A healthy sales person is critical as a starting point in the sales cycle.  Make an effort to understand some basic health matters.  You can learn from your doctor!  What is your ideal weight?  How much time do I have to exercise weekly? When should I go for medical check-up?

Make a point to understand you diet.  A good advise from dietician would be helpful.  Make an effort to understand this food pyramid.
Food Pyramid (not sure, ask your doctor)

Please don't use excuses such as busy or simply don't know.  Make an effort and create time.  Perhaps this picture will inspire you :)

Dr Izhar


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