Friday, February 19, 2010

YES Signal!

19th Feb 2010.  Today I had an opportunity to present my product to a group of engineers and IT professionals.  As usual I make sure that I arrived earlier than scheduled simply to get things ready.

Due to diversity of backgrounds and interests of customers, I realised that I have to put a strategy on how to tackle them individually or a smaller group while making the presentation.

What I am looking is a body language or a 'smiley face' agreeing to my points that I put forward to them.  My eyes scan the customers and once I detected he or she has agreed then I start to focus on the others.  My objective to get all if not most of them to agree or buy in to my presentation.  Mid way of the session I have got most of them agreed and like what I am telling them.

I also have managed to get the key decision maker person to move his seating position voluntarily near to me due to his high interest in the product.  The product could resolve his current hot issues.

During presentation, make sure use your radar to scan the audience.  Objetive is to receive YES SIGNAL from them.  Strategy is to tackle them individually until they broadcast YES SIGNAL.  Good Luck!

Dr Izhar 


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