Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Beat Your Customer Expectation!

3rd March 2010, Hannover, Germany.  When you are seeing customers and selling your products and services, you will notice customers' expectation.  The customers might expect you to deliver certain product or services standard for a certain price and duration.  These are expected out of you before they pay you. 

To be able to deliver what customers are expecting is just AVERAGE, because that is what you should do!  However to be able to deliver something better than the expected, that is EXCELLENCE! If you can do that, you might get many repeat orders from the same customers.

How can you deliver EXCELLENCE products and services?  Well, be innovatived and creatived about your solution to customers.  For example, give them progress reports eventhough they never ask for it.  Finish the job earlier and cheaper.  Always in touch with customers.

Always looks for opportunity in your SELLING process or DELIVERY of solutions to customers.  Many sales people can do it, why not YOU!

Dr Izhar


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