Monday, March 01, 2010

Never Assume!

28th Feb 2010, Hannover, Germany - Most people take things for granted.  We simply assume things will fall in place automatically.  We assume customers will buy our products or sevices everytime we propose. We also assume customers always have money to pay, and pay it on time.  However you notice that in real world things do not works s you assume.

I would like to share an occasion that happened to me few days ago.  I am supposed to begin travel to Germany via Dubai last Friday.  On eof my partner is also supposed to travel with me.  Due to my busy schedule last week, I just asked him what is the arrangement for the flight.  He firmly said 2.10pm on Friday afternoon.  I did ask him few times over last week and the answer remain the same.

On early Friday morning, around 12.45am, I was packing my luggage and read my email.  When I open up my e-ticket attachment, I saw the time stated is 0210.  What does it meant?  Ooops! it does not seem to be right.  I was packing and at the same time I am supposed to be boarding the plane right now.

What an expensive price that we have to pay for simply making assumptions. To cust short the story, we missed the flight.  We scrambled look for another flight and finally we reached Germany 2 days later.

Please check yourself .. are you making any assumption whithout facts?

Dr Izhar


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kenapa doc bukak email masa dah nak naik.. kenapa x bukak awal²?

4:14 PM  

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