Saturday, January 30, 2010

Hi Everyone,

This Dr Izhar & Customers Blog is based on my actual personal experience on selling product and services to customers.  I am a SALESPERSON which currently I am selling a number of sofware solutions.

My current business requires me to travel to many places in Malaysia, Indonesia, Middle East and other countries.  Such travelling trips create opportunities for me to meet up with all sort of people.  Thus I would like to share such journey which can inspire you to be a sales person or travel to see the world. Different countries with various cultures, religions and attitudes.

For 2010, I have targeted to close sales of USD 1.5 million.  Its small number to some of you and its also can be a big number to the others.  As of this first month I have closed about USD 100k. Not a bad start.  I strongly believed I will achieve those number by the end of Q3 - 30th Sept 2010.  Do you think I can do it? What is the SECRET? Ha ha ha .... the answer is in the journey which I will write from time to time..... Lets start it!

FYI, over the last 10 years, I have managed to closed sales more than USD60 million.


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