Wednesday, February 24, 2010

HEALTHY Sales Person

23th Feb 2010.  Being a sales person you are bound to face with many challenges.  Cold calls, rejections, upset customers etc are among others.  These events build up your stress very fast.

A sick sales person will not be able to pass the sales excitement from him or her to customers.  How would you expect that you will close sales? get purchase order?

A sales person must not ignore his or her health.  A healthy sales person is critical as a starting point in the sales cycle.  Make an effort to understand some basic health matters.  You can learn from your doctor!  What is your ideal weight?  How much time do I have to exercise weekly? When should I go for medical check-up?

Make a point to understand you diet.  A good advise from dietician would be helpful.  Make an effort to understand this food pyramid.
Food Pyramid (not sure, ask your doctor)

Please don't use excuses such as busy or simply don't know.  Make an effort and create time.  Perhaps this picture will inspire you :)

Dr Izhar

Friday, February 19, 2010

YES Signal!

19th Feb 2010.  Today I had an opportunity to present my product to a group of engineers and IT professionals.  As usual I make sure that I arrived earlier than scheduled simply to get things ready.

Due to diversity of backgrounds and interests of customers, I realised that I have to put a strategy on how to tackle them individually or a smaller group while making the presentation.

What I am looking is a body language or a 'smiley face' agreeing to my points that I put forward to them.  My eyes scan the customers and once I detected he or she has agreed then I start to focus on the others.  My objective to get all if not most of them to agree or buy in to my presentation.  Mid way of the session I have got most of them agreed and like what I am telling them.

I also have managed to get the key decision maker person to move his seating position voluntarily near to me due to his high interest in the product.  The product could resolve his current hot issues.

During presentation, make sure use your radar to scan the audience.  Objetive is to receive YES SIGNAL from them.  Strategy is to tackle them individually until they broadcast YES SIGNAL.  Good Luck!

Dr Izhar 

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Your SUCCESS Compass

17th Feb 2010.  Please takes 3 minutes to go through this chart.

Have you found your SUCCESS DIRECTION?

Dr Izhar

image source:
Have you set up your SALE INFOSTRUCTURE?

17th Feb 2010.  Wow! what is that (SALE INFOSTRUCTURE)? Some of you have not heard before.

Lets phrase it in a simpler way....Have you ever think or use electronic way especially with the advance of internet to sell you products and services?  Most of us have use email.  Some of us are beginning to use Social Network such as Facebook, Twitter etc. Some of us also has BLOG for various reasons.

You just imagine SALE INFOSTRUCTURE is just SALE HIGHWAY.  It easy to understand.  With the highway, you can move faster.
Well, lets capitalise these Infostructure to market and sell our products and services.  You will be surprised that you dont have to pay even a cent and you can reach customers from all over the world.  The best part of it, you never imagine that you can do that. 
Eventhough I just launched this BLOG, I have readers from Canada, USA, Australia and many other countries in just few days.  If I can do it, you also can do it too.

As I said earlier, it does not cost me anything, its FOC (Free of Charge) :)

Dr Izhar

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

3 minutes & time is up!
16th Feb 2010, First impression is critical.  Whether you are meeting a girl, a man, a group of people for whatever reason - the first 3 minutes is crucial for you.  It gives the other party an opportunity to judge you.  Probably you heard about a phrase saying 'Love at First Sight'.
Similarly in making sales speech or presentation, in the first 3 minutes you  must convince your customers.  Make sure you address the hot issues, show the benefits of using your products and  assure them you know what you doing.  In short, within the first 3 - 5 slides you must convinced the customers.
I came across many presentations with a lot of slides and the presentors do not get to what he or she trying to propose until after 10 slides.  The slides are too technical and too much words.  I guess the presentors also confused.
When you are given an opportunity, you only have 3 minutes to score goal.

Dr Izhar

Monday, February 15, 2010


15th Feb 2010. What! I am a salesperson? You must be kidding me Dr Izhar? I never sell anything in my entire life. How could you expect me be a salesperson and make good income out of the profession.
Do you remember when you are 4 years old? You want to get a toy or a candy from a shop? You are asking, negotiating or to be exact SELLING to your Mum and Dad justifying the reason why you should deserved the good. Finally, you managed to get it! Hooooray!!! You are borned with selling talents.

Thus, you can become a GREAT SALESPERSON! It is not impossible. Perhaps you just require some polish in skills and competencies. It is easy if you take it positive plus right attitude.

Believe me or not! You are selling everyday! Simply take notes your daily activities and you will notice that :)

Dr Izhar

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Few cents sms might bring million $
13th Feb 2010, Few hours ago I just sent a number of sms to my Chinese friends, wishing them Happy New Year. This is a TIGER year. As I am writing this message, Chinese neighbourhood is burning firecrackers ...boom bam bang boom bang bam .... its really noisy. However, we need to be sensitived that is how they welcome new year.
I always make a point to send sms to others when it comes to religious celebrations, national day, new year, birthday etc. Such caring I believed will strengthen the bonding between us. I am sure if business opportunities arise your wished will have you in their mind for the sales.              image source:

Care about other all the time!

Dr Izhar

Friday, February 12, 2010

A Saleperson's SECRET of SUCCESS!

These are among characteristics and competency that you must posses to success in selling.

1. Postive ATTITUDE
2. Human relationship management
3. Know what you are selling
4. Sense opportunities and hot issues
5. Able to convince customers
6. Listen to customers
7. Able to source information and package a good proposal
8. Public speaking
9. Understand procurement process including when and who decide the purchase
10. Ask good questions
11. Respect customers
12. Earn customers respect
13. Thanks GOD for the sale
14. Do charity
15. Always communicate to customers
16. Always SMILE
17. Review actions of every sale meeting
18. Good time management - never be late!

Well, analyse yourselves. How many of the points that forms your strength?

You can always improve yourself, its never too late and nobody is perfect!

Dr Izhar

image source:
Make people believe it is SIMPLE

11th Feb 2010. I was tasked to conduct a training session to a group of users. These users are busy with their daily works which they conduct manually. My team came out with a simple solution to their problem which will save them effort, time and enrich their quality life.

At the beginning of the class I said to them what I am about to teach is very SIMPLE to use and learn. I started to present the concept from a lay man perspective. Quickly highlight them with benefits. Then I demo the system as per they suppose to use, a very direct approach.

Later, I asked them to hands on. Less than an hour the tarining session is over. Everybody seems to be happy and keep asking when they can actually use the software. I said give me 24 hours and they start using.

Within the system we produce reports simplying their earlier requirements. My team always take an opportunity to make a revolution when we think customers deserve a simple solution but powerful in solving their hot issues.

Looks from a SIMPLE telescope.

Dr Izhar
Focus on SCORING sales!

11th Feb 2010, I was given an opportunity to present my solution to a head of department and his key staffs. They are looking for a solution similar to me. That is a good start :)

The presentation went out very smooth and I managed to convince them. During the presentation, I read their body language. I also presented based on their requirements. They are facing with documentation issues. It is their hot issues. So I tuned my presentation to show them how my solution handle the issue. They really impressed.

Next come to commercial. They asked me how much? Once I stated the price, I know they do not have that much budget. We then deliberate and I simply make special offer that is within their reach. They agreed and immediately asked me to submit an official quote.
imagine YOU are wearing no 3 jersey

Well, focus on scoring goals when you have the opportunity! Goaaaaaaaaa............aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal! World Cup 2010 is coming soon.

DR Izhar
Always be GOOD!

10th Feb 2010, on my way back from a meeting with a customer, I met into an accident. It is unintentional. I was driving my car and in front of me there was another car. Both of us were queuing before entering a roundabout. The front car made a move and I also move my car slowly. I then turn to the right to observe the coming vehicles. Suddenly, I heard a big 'bang' and i found out that my car has hit the front car. What i dont ralised is the car suddenly made a stop.

Well, I knew I am wrong. I simply got out from the car apologising from the guy and 2 other persons. We finally agreed to settle the case which I agreed to compensate his car damages. We exchanged phone numbers and promised to contact each other soon.

A day after the accident, the guy called me and said he will take care the damage himself. What a kind person? I asked him where he worked. He introduced himself and his position. What a small world? This is the man that i supposed to meet and sell my solution to him ... I guess ice-breaking has happened. I believed I can sell him my solution.

There a blessing for being good to everybody!

Dr Izhar


Monday, February 08, 2010

Training to a group of practitioners

Mon 8th Feb 2010, I was tasked to conduct a training session to about 35 practitioners.  They very well versed with their manual process in delivering services to their customers.  The challenge it is their first time to use an online system to manage their manual works.

I designed the training material to cover the concept of the product, where it applies in their daily works, why it will assist their works before conducting a hands on training session.

I started  the session by telling an organisation = (people,process, system, policy).  Then do a Strength and Weakness analysis on their own unit.  I found out they start recognising as a group the facts.  This make my training run smoother.

By noon, 3.5 hours later, I finished the whole training.

Dr Izhar
Presentation to Researchers

Thurs 4th Feb 2020, I had an opportunity to present to a group of researchers from a leading technical university in Malaysia.  They are looking for a system to be able to manage their research works.  Currently they have a system to manage basic research information.

I approach this customers by asking the reuqirements.  How? What? Why? When?Who? In short, people say 1 Husband and 4 Wifes :)

Once I gathered their requirements and background, I changed my presentation to skew to research environment.  My live demo is based on construction industry.  They can understand better the presentaion and give thumbs up!

Once of the question is, what is ROI (return of investment) if the were to buy the software?  Well, I compose myself and confidently stated that the software acts as their infostructure to all their research works.  It just like a highway to a country.  You need to amortise over a period of years and over a number of research projects or amount of research.  Its nothing, even they pay me few hundred thousand dollars.

To sum up, please make an effort to listen to customers requirements. Then start talking in their lingo and confidently answers their questions!

Dr Izhar
Indonesia Seminar

Last wednesday 3/2/2010, I gave product presentation to more than 100 participants in Jakarta, Indonesia.  Audience has been invited from all over Indonesia.  I was told there are participants from Sulawesi, Kalimantan, Sumatra etc.
This technique of presenting to customers is to provide general awareness of the product.  I also take opportunity to show live demo of the product to give them more assurance of the product readiness.

A day earlier, I was to told to deliver the presentation in Indonesia language instead of English.  Thats easy! However they also request me to speak slowly or slower pace....thans callenging.

The orgainser hire a beautiful master of ceremony for the seminar.  She managed to control the session and one thing new to my experience, she added a 'game show' at the end of the seminar.  I guess this will provide audience with good factors before leaving the seminar hall.  Not a bad idea to consider.

Overall,  audience gave thumbs up to the seminar and we have to follow with most of them.

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